Sponsor an Enterprise

How it works:

We are currently looking for people with a heart for enterprise, that will provide the capital investment (or a proportion of) to start a small business. We will provide the business plan, and offer loans to successful orphanage directors. The term of the loan will be 12 months (up to $1000 or £665). Great examples include pig, crops, brick making and hand loom business’s.

From what we have seen, this works best if the amount to pay back includes a fixed 2% interest. If the loan is paid back within term, then 1% of this is given back to orphanage. Sponsoring an enterprise has an element of risk, as with any business but the long term impact can be dramatic. Please prayerfully consider if you want to invest in this kind of sustainable legacy. The quality of life that this enables is amazing.

Please contact us here for more information.

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